Is my work accessible?

reading levelSometimes I like to just sit back and enjoy reading some of my favourite blogs to see what's happening. And almost always I run into something interesting or thought-provoking. This time it was Scott Spiegelberg's "birthday post" that displayed a widget about the reading level required to understand a blog. The level shown here is for my blog, for Scott's you need 'Genius-level'. I must say I'm quite pleased with the level required for my blog. Why? Read on...

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Sitedesign- and blogging links

In redesigning this website and revamping my blog, I found a lot of informative and helpful texts on a number of sites and blogs. Since I thought these might be of use to you, I decided to list a few of those here. I've included links to some very helpful posts, but most of the sites have lots of useful information, so if you check them, you might well want to browse the whole site! So here we go:

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Comment settings changed

I had to change the settings for the comments to 'moderated', since there has been a lot of spam lately. So if you post a comment, please be a little patient since it will be placed in a moderation-queue and not show up immediately. I'll try to moderate as quickly as possible, and meanwhile find a way to stop the 'auto-spamming'. As soon as that is done, comments will be placed directly again. Thanks for your consideration!

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It is done!

The blog is now completely powered by WordPress. It doesn't look exactly like the rest of the site, but at least this is a beginning I'm satisfied with. I hope I'll find the time to edit the looks even further, but it requires some more in depth understanding of WordPress so it might take a while. At least you can now post comments to my blog entries. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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Investigating WordPress

I'm currently setting up a parallel blog because I'm researching WordPress - the blogging software - since I want you to be able to comment on these blogs (as soon as something useful shows up of course :-) ). Blogging itself works like a dream, but I want the pages to look the same as the rest of the site, and that is a challenge! You can take a look at the work in progress (and even comment on this and earlier posts!) here, but don't complain if it doesn't work or looks ugly ;-).

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Right, so I started a blog...

Why? Just because sometimes I feel the need to write about some things. Share tips, tell stories, vent anger. Whatever tickles my fancy. However, I noticed that many blogs on the net are "rather dead": started with enthusiasm and then left to wither away, lonely and unloved. That might happen here as well ;-) Seriously: I don't know if I will keep this up or not.

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