Pity the poor spammers...


Them pills
Lately, this site has been a heavy target for comment spam. Since the site uses a challenge-response system, it is very likely that the comments are posted by humans rather than spam-bots. But the spam-filter here is quite effective, so almost all spam-comments are removed immediately. And the very few that do get through are quickly weeded out by hand. From the site's logs I deduced that there are only a few people posting these comments. And as these people are obviously "regular visitors" to this site, surely by now they must have seen that their comments are removed almost the instant they post them? So this got me thinking:

... since it is quite sad really: imagine having to work everyday, knowing - even before you start - that everything you do will be in vain. To know that anything you do instantly goes "down the cyber-drain". I can hardly believe that they feel that warm glow of satisfaction or gratification with their efforts. I can't for the life of me imagine that this is what they dreamt of doing with their lives. I can understand that you have to bring in money, we all do. But even waiting tables in a restaurant is more useful than this. At least more fulfilling since you are contributing to somebodies life. But doing something you know beforehand is absolutely futile and useless? This makes me wonder how they are feeling about their lives. And the whole thing also makes me wonder about their "employers": do they know about these wasted efforts? Especially since I figure the return-on-investment to be zero...

I guess in the end it all comes down to the choices we make in life. I for one am glad that I can fill my days doing things that are greatly rewarding for myself and that contribute at least something to the lives of others. Have you thought about your choices lately and where they are taking you? Or perhaps you'd like to share your own experiences with this phenomenon in the comments?

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