The world outside...

This page contains links to other sites, mainly music-related, but also to some other interesting places. Click on the images to go to the sites.

Bands and artists

NoL Neet oét Lottum Local band with big aspirations. Great songs, good sounds. Are really pushing their limits. Gigs are a blast!
ej-band EJ Band Big band with a very diverse repertoire, ranging from big band to all-time favourites. They play some of my charts as well.
møk Møk Rock / pop coverband with very talented and enthousiast musicians. Diverse repertoire makes their gigs an experience.

Music software

Finale Finale I'm using Finale for over a decade now, and it is still my favourite notation software. Their "Notepad" version is a free download.
Steinberg Cubase/HALion For all my recording, MIDI and sampling work I use the combination of Cubase and HALion. Still the best in my opinion.

Music trade


Ubuntu Ubuntu The operation system of my choice. Fast, secure and complete. Check this out if you're ready to ditch windows. The best office suite around and it's open source software! Compatible with "that other" office suite...
Wilbur the Gimp Another top-of-the-line open source program. Used to edit or create almost all graphics on this site.

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