How social networks can impact corporate video

Social networks like MySpace or YouTube have changed the way people interact in a very short period of time. People from all over the world present information about themselves and their lives on their personal profiles. There's already an interesting parallel here with corporate video: productions made by companies to share a certain viewpoint. As this phenomenon grows, more and more people will take on these new ways of communicating, thus changing the way business communications are handled. So let us take a look at the current business communication practises:

..despite the impact of the internet, this is still very "old-school". Take a business profile on Xing or LinkedIn for example: all very useful information, but presented in a "paper-file" manner with no options to change the presentation. Chances are the new generation of business people will not be content with this. So either these sites will change, or new ones will arise that offer MySpace-like functionality in a business environment. The sites will for example present the opportunity to add video to your profile. And this is were corporate video makers come in (as well as all the other media professionals that work with corporate video, like composers of original soundtrack music).

To succeed in presenting your company on your profile, it wouldn't be enough to put up a camera, talk a bit into it and stick some cheesy stock music on it. To make a presentation that truly has an impact on the viewers and gets the message across you'd need professionals. People who know how to create a compelling story and present this in the best possible way - light, camera, edits, music. So far nothing new. However, these corporate videos will have to be made in a new manner. Since they are viewed on a profile, chances are the viewers selected to watch this video. This means you don't have to grab their attention. But you do have to hold it. And this is were things get interesting: for these videos will likely have to be short. As in "really short". Two or three minutes max. You should have made your point by then, or the viewer will have gone to watch another person.

This will give rise to a new type of corporate video: probably on a small viewport (for the time being), but with high production values. Short, but more elaborate than a long commercial. Perhaps more personal as well: not just the company presenting itself but a person from that company. They can be more direct too, since there's no need to target a group of people simultaneously and since the viewer has already chosen to watch the video. So social networks will change the way some corporate videos are made, just as it has already changed the way some marketing videos are produced, although this won't mean the current corporate video will disappear. It will add a new way of producing corporate video, from story to finished product, to the field. Are you up for the challenge?

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