Harry Potter goes green!

I stumbled upon this announcement by Reuters today that 65% of the first printing run of "Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows" will be printed on FSC certified paper. Boy, is the environment hot these days! While I agree that action should be taken to preserve our planet, I also noticed that it is used as a marketing instrument as well. And looking at the prospective buyers of the HP novel, I think this is a brilliant move! (Hey, they've got me blogging about the book...!) I'm no expert in the publishing industry, but a quick roundup on the 'net suggest that generally around 30% of books is printed on FSC paper, so this is quite a step ahead. On a different 'note'...

... I'm rather curious as to how the music to "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" will sound, since it will be written by the third composer for the series Nicholas Hooper. With "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" I was fully expecting another sweeping score by John Williams, so I was wondering what had happened: this was not John Williams! I had to wait until the credits to find out that it was composed by Patrick Doyle. Since I thought he had written a great score, I'm a bit surprised with the choice for yet another composer. So it's a few more weeks of waiting before we know where HP is going soundwise!

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